You can find information for inmates residing in Michigan using the Michigan Department of Corrections website. Some records will be easy to access, but you may need help with other records. If this is the case, you will need to contact the Sheriff’s department in the county.

Inmate Search

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Records can be found either through a search using names or fingerprints. Fingerprint can only be done if a state or federal statute or executive order requires such a search.

The Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) allows the search of criminal history records in the Michigan State Police’s Criminal Justice Information Center. Suppressed records and warrant information are not available through ICHAT. You cannot access federal records, tribal records, traffic records, juvenile records, or local misdemeanors using ICHAt in other states.
To find information about an inmate in the Michigan State Prison system, you must fill out the form on the correctional website. Here, you will find the prison links and the links to the most populous counties. For Prison, list the inmate’s last name, first name, MDOC Number if you have it, sex, race, age, status, marks, scars, or tattoos. Hit search, and the following information will populate the website.

Mug Shot if available.

  • Name: John Smith
  • MDOC Number: 297968
  • SID Number: 192522TX
  • Racial Identification: Black
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 6’6″
  • Weight 170 lbs
  • MDOC Status: Active
  • Location: Cooper Street Facility
  • Earliest Release Date: 11/13/2022
  • Maximum Discharge Date: 05/13/2032
  • Identifying Marks: Tattoos, Scars
  • Sentences and Charges: Murder w/weapon

For Counties, the information is:
Mugshots in most Counties
Name: John Smith
Date of Birth: 06/28/1980
Charges: Reckless Driving