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Tuscola County Courthouse, MI

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Tuscola County Jail Information and Inmate Search

The Tuscola County Jail makes it a priority to keep employees and inmates safe. Corrections staff work to provide inmates with humane conditions. Basic needs are provided by the jail during an inmate’s stay. During initial booking, inmates receive a classification as either maximum, medium, or minimum-level security. Inmate classification is determined during the classification interview in which an officer inquires about the inmate’s current charges and previous convictions. Inmates are served three meals a day morning, noon, and night. Inmates also have the option to purchase additional food through the jail commissary, which takes orders every day of the week. The Tuscola County Jail offers a variety of programs to inmates to help them transition back to society. Such programs include GED programs, substance/alcohol abuse programs, mental health programs, and medical services. Jail operations function 24 hours, 7 days a week. Mugshots are not available for arrested offenders.

Tuscola County Jail Address
420 Court St. STE 1
Caro MI, 48723

How to Send Mail or Package

Mail sent to the Tuscola County Jail must include the sender’s full name and their return address. Legal mail must be clearly labeled as such, and will be opened in the presence of an inmate. All mail received must be sent via USPS. Mail must be sent on a plain postcard no larger than 5×7 and may not include any pictures. Mail containing stickers, glue, perfume, glitter, drawings, crayon, or gel pen will be rejected and returned to the sender. Deposits can be made on an inmate’s account by calling the jail number or by using the kiosk located in the jail lobby.

Inmate Mailing Address
Inmate First and Last Name
420 Court St. STE 1
Caro MI, 48723

Visitation Hours

Since 2021, The Tuscola County Jail offers the option of video visits. Onsite visitation may occur during normal operating hours and is free of charge. To register for visits, users are required to create an account on or may use the kiosk located in the lobby of the jail. Visitor terminals are available in the lobby of the jail and may be used by visitors wishing to conduct a video visit. Each inmate is allowed one 30 minute onsite visit per week.

Additional Jail Information

The Tuscola County Jail has 14 corrections officers and 4 sergeants. Mail rejected at the facility has the option of being appealed. An appeal must be sent in writing to the Jail Administrator. The appeal must contain the individual’s contact information, the inmate name, the nature of the mail, and why the individual disagrees with the decision. The jail lieutenant will consider the appeal, then offer a decision. If the lieutenant cannot make a decision, the appeal will be deferred to the undersheriff or Sheriff. The decision about the appeal is final.

Corrections Supervisor
Lieutenant Brian Harris
989-673-8161 ext. 2228

Tuscola County Sheriff Information

The Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office operates and maintains its own jail for pretrial detainees and sentenced offenders. The Sheriff’s Office serves the public by providing assistance and delivery of law enforcement. The Sheriff maintains a corrections facility for the purpose of providing safety and protection for county members. The Sheriff’s staff fulfills its duties while respecting the Constitutional rights of all citizens.

Glen Skrent

Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office Address
420 Court St #1
Caro, MI 48723

Tuscola County was founded in 1840. Both the largest city and county seat is Caro. According to 2020 U.S. Census data, the population was 53,323. The total area of the county is 914 square miles with 803 miles being occupied by land.

Crime is ranked on a scale of 1 (low crime) to 100 (high crime)

Tuscola County violent crime is 12.1. (The US average is 22.7)
Tuscola County property crime is 24.4. (The US average is 35.4)

Inmate Search

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Tuscola County Public Records Information

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) grants all persons access to government records; this includes information on the affairs of the public agencies and public officials. FOIA requests will be forwarded to the FOIA coordinator who is responsible for accepting and processing all records covered under the Act. FOIA requests can be submitted using the FOIA form provided by the Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office, or in writing (letter, fax, or email). Requests may be denied by the FOIA Coordinator and an explanation will be provided as to why the denial was issued. Requesters have the opportunity to appeal the denial if they please. The Tuscola County Sheriff’s Office will issue a response to the FOIA request within 5 business days. There will be a fee charged based on the cost of reproducing the records, labor, and mailing cost. FOIA requests must include the individual’s name, address, and contact information as well as a sufficient description of the public record.

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