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The Detroit Detention Center now sits where the former Mound Correctional Facility once existed. The detention center opened in 2013, and holds pre-arraigned detainees 17 and older for a period of 72 hours.
Warden: Paul Schreiber, Warden
Capacity: 200
Security Level: Pre-arraignment detainees
Type(s) of offenders: Males and Females, 17 and older

Visitation Hours:

Inmates at the Detroit Detention Center are pre-arraigned detainees. Therefore, they are not the
beneficiaries of visiting privileges.

Phone: 313-368-8300

Deposit/Commissary Accounts:

GTL Services processes deposits into inmate accounts from family and friends. Individuals sending money with GTL services should download the deposit form, and mail it with their money orders to the GTL lockbox address at:
GTL Financial Services
10005 Technology Blvd. West
Suite 130
Dallas, TX 75220

Deposits can be made via credit/debit online or over the phone

Phone: (888)988-4768


Cash deposits can be made at the facility and will each cost a $4 fee.

Inmate Mailing Address:
17601 Mound Road
Detroit, MI 48212

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Biographical information: MDOC Number, SID Number, Name, Racial Identification, Gender, Hair, Eyes, Height, Weight, Date of Birth, Image Date

MDOC status:
Current Status: Supervision Begin Date, Assigned Location, Supervision Discharge Date, Security Level


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Probation sentences: active, inactive

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Inmate Search

Arrests, Warrant, Docket, Mugshot